Payment Options / About Your Bill

Ireland Grove Center for Surgery accepts most types of insurance even if the center is not in your insurance plan’s network. The physician’s office will contact your insurance company prior to surgery to verify your medical benefits for your facility charge. It is the patient’s ultimate responsibility to understand their insurance coverage. Please also see Office and Financial Policies.

It is extremely important to ensure that you provide accurate and updated insurance information to ensure that your insurance company reimburses the center correctly and the responsibility does not need to be transferred to your responsibility.

Ireland Grove will submit a claim for the facility fee to your insurance company. Your insurance company will process the claim, reimburse Ireland Grove and determine what your personal responsibility will be, if any. The insurance company will send an Explanation of Benefits to the surgery center. Once the reimbursement is posted to your account by the surgery center, a statement outlining your personal responsibility will be sent to you.

For patient’s convenience, Ireland Grove accepts, cash, check, Visa, Master Card, and Discover Card.

Accounts are considered past due if not paid in-full within 60 days of the first statement. Ireland Grove will enter into a payment plan with patients if necessary but the patient MUST contact the Business Office to formally set up a plan.

In addition to the facility fee, you may receive separate bills for the following services:

  • Physician or surgeon fee
  • Anesthesia
  • Laboratory tests, if necessary
  • Pathology, if tissues or specimens were removed during surgery

For questions regarding your bills, contact the following:

  • Ireland Grove Center for Surgery – 309-664-0101
  • Ambulatory Anesthesiology - email
  • Physician Fees – physicians office


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